Thursday, 9 February 2012

Natural Cure for Female Infertility

The female infertility is one of the biggest medical problems faced by women. It affects the reproductive cycle of the female and prevents her from getting pregnant or to conceive. Pregnancy or being a mother is one of the most happiest moments in a women's life. Thus, infertility can hamper these happy moments and further may also destroy the relationship with your partner. As a female doctor specialist, I have studied and experimented various natural treatments for curing female infertility problems.
Following are some of the natural treatments that can cure the female infertility problem if practiced properly:
  • Roots of the Banyan Tree: The roots of the Banyan tree are highly effective in curing the problem of infertility. For using these roots as a medication, one must collect these roots and dry them in the sun for a few days. After the roots are completely dried, grind them and make fine powder. Mix this powder with milk and drink it on the first night after your menstrual cycles are over. Avoid eating anything after you have this drink. Follow this remedy for an year and you will definitely get to see the changes.
  • Winter Cherry: The winter cherry can also be used in a similar way as that of the banyan tree roots. The winter cherries need to be dried and then stored in a powdered form. Take 6 grams of this powder in a cup of milk just after your menstrual cycle gets over. Do this for a week after your menstrual cycle in every month.
  • Egg Plant: Cooking the egg plant and having it with buttermilk helps in curing the female problem. Try this for about two months and you will definitely get the results.
  • Diet and Yoga: A good diet with lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits, grains, milk, etc. along with yoga helps in curing the infertility problem.

The medical problems causing infertility are serious problems and affect the women's health to a high extent. Stress, depression, mood swings and frustration are the problems faced by women suffering from infertility. Thus, women must avoid any casualties and practice natural treatments for curing the infertility problem.

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