Sunday, 19 February 2012

Does Brain Injury cause brain tumors?

Brain tumor is nothing but the formation of tumor or cancer inside the brain that interferes with its normal functioning. The tumor increases the pressure on the brain and damages the nerves and brain tissues by pushing it against the skull. The type and symptoms of the brain tumor usually depends upon the area of the brain where the tumor is located. People often come across various medical questions regarding the causes of brain tumor.
Many researches and tests have been conducted to find the actual cause of brain tumor. However, no exact cause is still known. 
Following are some of the basic and common causes detected among the patients suffering from brain tumors:
  • Gender: The diagnosis of brain tumor is common amongst males than females. Thus, being male is one of the major causes of brain tumors.
  • Race: The brain tumor is detected largely among the white people than people of other races.
  • Age: The brain tumor is commonly detected among the children less than eight years of age and adults more than seventy years of age. The cancer is the second most common cancers among children.
  • Family History: A person with a family history of gliomas is at a high risk of developing brain tumor.
  • Exposure to Radiation: Following are some of the radiations that generate the risk of developing brain tumor:
    • Nuclear Radiation: The people working in a nuclear industry are at a risk of developing brain tumor
    • Formaldehyde: The formaldehyde used by pathologist and embalmers can cause brain tumor.
    • Vinyl Chloride: Vinyl chloride is a chemical used to prepare plastic. Thus, people working in the plastic manufacturing industry are at a risk of developing brain tumor.
    • Acrylonitrile: This chemical is generally used in the preparation of textiles. Thus, people exposed to this chemical are at a risk of developing brain tumor.
The above are some of the basic and common causes known of brain tumors. People often have a misconception that any head trauma can cause brain tumors. Many doctors and experts have provided detailed medical answers to this question. Brain injury cannot be a cause of brain tumor and does not even create a risk of developing the cancer. Thus, one must avoid any misconceptions and get proper medical answers from expert doctors and specialists.

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