Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Disaster Management within the Hospital

The disaster management within the hospital is one of the most important tasks to be carried out. It helps in managing and taking responsibilities during different medical emergencies. Hospital is a place where different emergency cases keep on coming. It’s the duty of the hospital management to handle these emergency cases effectively to avoid any loss of life. The management then consists of immediate treatments, adequate provision of medications, intensive care units, and the doctors dealing with medical emergencies.
 Following are some of important factors taken care of during disaster management within the hospital:

  • Medical Specialist and Doctors: These are the most important people during any medical emergency. A hospital must look to it that they have enough specialist and doctors to handle any arriving emergency cases. They must be properly trained to handle emergency situations and recover the patient from any life threatening problems.
  • Emergency Rooms and Units: A hospital must have ample emergency rooms and intensive care units. These rooms must be well equipped with all the necessary medications and accessories required for treating a patient. These rooms can also be installed with cameras for regular or continuous monitoring of the patient.
  • Laboratory: The hospital must have a full fledged laboratory. It helps in carrying out different tests and get quick results which further helps in providing appropriate treatments to the patient.
  • Blood Bank: Blood bank is the most necessary units to have in a hospital. A patient might lose a lot of blood during medical emergencies. Thus, providing him with blood is one of the major treatment issues. Availability of blood from the blood bank avoids any casualties and prevents any life threatening problems.
  • Responsibilities of the Staff: The staff responsibilities play a major role in the disaster management. The hospital staff comprises of doctors, nurses, admitting office, maintenance, and house keeping. Proper interaction and coordination among the staff helps to overcome any emergency effectively.

The above issues are some of the most important and highly considered issues during disaster management within the hospital. The considerations of above requirements help in overcoming any medical emergencies effectively and without any casualties.

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  1. Disaster management is one of the most important part of hospital management. It helps in managing and taking responsibility during different medical emergencies. Thanks for sharing this brief description about disaster management.