Thursday, 16 February 2012

Are vaccinations bad for young children?

Vaccinations are one of the most important preventive measures used today. Every parent wants his child to be free from any disease. Thus, vaccinations are the only means by which children can be prevented. The immune system of children is not so strong to fight several deadly diseases. Thus, they are provided with various shots which prevent them from different diseases. 
Following are some of the success stories about vaccinations:
  • Diphtheria was one of the most common and deadly diseases detected among the children till early 1920s. It killed about 10,000 people annually. With the use of vaccine for this disease, it almost became negligible and was a great success for medical science.
  • About 5,00,000 cases of measles were recorded each year in the United States before the vaccine for this disease was invented. After the successful implementation of this vaccine, today not more than hundred cases are reported each year.
  • Polio was one of the most devastating diseases that paralyzed the children. After the invention of the polio vaccine, thousands of children are saved from this deadly disease.
  • Smallpox was another life threatening disease that killed millions of people. The invention and implementation of smallpox vaccine has nearly wiped out the smallpox disease completely.
The above success stories show us the importance of vaccinations. People often face many questions about vaccinations. Following are some of the most common question asked along with their proper medical answers:
  • Are the vaccinations safe?
Vaccinations are always safe and are tested several number of times before they are actually used. However, like other medicines, they also have some side-effects. The children after vaccinated can suffer from sore arm or fever which is generally common. However, one must remember that getting infected by the disease is much more dangerous than getting vaccinated.
  • Do vaccinations always work?
Most of the times, vaccinations work perfectly and are able to give about 90 to 99 percent of immunity to the children vaccinated. Vaccination may not work occasionally and that may happen rarely.Vaccinations are preventive medications for your child and do not show any severe side-effects. It is always recommended to provide your kids with vaccines to avoid any serious infections and medical emergencies.

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