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Prostate Gland Cancer- Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

The prostate gland is one of the most important organs in men and is situated under the bladder. The prostate gland functions for the production of semen that is required during the reproduction process. It generates a fluid that helps in the nourishment and protection of the sperms. Initially the gland is small and generally starts growing during puberty. It is the first stage of growth and the gland doubles in size. The second stage of growth generally starts around twenty-five years of age.

The prostate gland cancer is one of the major and serious problems caused to the prostate gland. It is caused due to the growth of malignant cancer that spreads to the nearby tissues and can even travel to the other parts of the body.

Causes of Prostate Gland Cancer:

Following are some of the causes of prostate gland cancer:

•    Various bacterial or fungal infections are one of the major causes of prostate cancer
•    The cancer can be inherited from the mother or other family members
•    Unprotected sex and multiple sex partners are other common reasons of transmission.
The unhygienic diet, age and race are other causes of prostate gland cancer.

Symptoms of Prostate Gland Cancer:

Following are some of the symptoms of prostate gland cancer:
•    Formation of lump in the detected area
•    Problem during urination
•    Blood in urine
•    Semen ejaculation problem

The person suffering from prostate gland cancer also faces severe pain in hips, back and pelvis.
Treatments for Prostate Cancer:

Following are some of the treatments for prostate gland cancer:
•    Radiation therapy
•    Radical prostatectomy
•    Surgery

The treatments also consist of a detailed study of the patient’s medical history, physical examination and the stage at which the cancer is detected.

The prostate gland cancer is a serious problem and must be prevented by taking proper precautions. Proper hygiene and nutritional died help in preventing from this disease. One must also avoid unprotected sex and multiple sex partners.

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